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Welcome To Sprint Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

Sprint wellness Pvt Ltd welcomes you to the new world of wellness where every individual has got power to contribute something to society & the world by promoting eco-friendly highly technological advanced wellness Products of daily use.


It is simple,cheap and easy way to protect ourself from all these dangerous disease., Protect Yourself From Dangerous Mobile Radiations

Mobile Phone and Transmission Towers like, Mobile Phone Towers, Broadcasting Towers, Overhead power Lines and Radars constantly emit hazardouus Electro- magnetic Radiations(EMR).

This Radiation penetrates your head and level of penetration depends on how close is your head to the source of the EMR emitted from Mobile phone.

The studies suggest that the EMR can destructively affect tissues and delicate organs in the ear, eye, brain etc.


-personal use of wellness products
-spreading awareness of wellness products to friends.

Lots of efforts have already been done on saving and Optimization of Energy & Electricity but awareness or practical usage has not been possible because of the cost factor. Now we see if we start spreading goodness of these wellness products atleast some load taken care at individual levels will help in bigger loads when put together nationally.

"Electricity Saved is Electricity Generated"


For several years magnetic therapy has been gaining popularity but is there truth behind the claims? I will attempt to prepare you with information throughout this article to help you answer that question. First let's take a look at what the claims of magnetic therapy are.

  • - Magnetic Therapy relieves pain in joints, (arthritis pain) bones, and muscles.
  • - Magnetic Therapy relieves migraine headaches.
  • - Magnetic Therapy relieves pain caused by Fibromyalgia.
  • - Magnetic Therapy relieves pain throughout the body regardless what the pain is caused

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